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DevOps Best Practices for Azure and VSTS | Damian Brady

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Azure and VSTS are a match made in heaven but navigating the countless features and options can be tricky! There are many ways you can deploy an application, but what are the DevOps best practices that should be follo...

Dynamics 365 for the .NET Dev | Andrew Campey

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When it comes to developing a website, you don't use pure HTML and JavaScript - you find frameworks to help. So why should your client CRM/ERP be any different? In this talk, Andrew explains what exactly is Dynamic...

Power BI for the Developer | Peter Myers

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Integrate, Extend, Embed! In this presentation, you will learn how developers can deliver real-time dashboards, create custom visuals and embed rich interactive analytics in their apps with Power BI. This presentat...

From UX to CX | Improving the Customer Experience with Adam Cogan

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From UX to CX: a deep dive into improving the Customer Experience – and a hello to Zendesk, HotJar and Intercom - presented by Adam Cogan Customers want more than a good UI. They expect a good user experience but n...

No More Deadlocks | Filip Ekberg

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Do you find yourself in situations where your applications deadlock because of async and await? Do you want to make your applications more reliable? In this session Filip Ekberg talks about how to do asynchronous p...

C# Is The Future | Filip Ekberg

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The next version of C# is upon us so if you thought that this language was long forgotten by its creators come along on this journey where Filip will prove you otherwise! Filip will show you how C# has evolved over...

Cloud-Based Machine Learning for the Developer | Peter Myers

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Machine Learning is a subfield of computer science concerned with systems that learn from data. In this 2 part session, you will learn how a Microsoft Azure Machine Learning solution comes to life: From the creati...

How We Celebrated 20 Years of the Sydney .NET User Group

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We have now been hosting the Sydney .NET User Group for 20 Years! This is what we did to celebrate... You can see the User Group live stream at www.ssw.com.au/ssw/NETUG/live.aspx

January Software News by *Special Guest* Stephen Forte of Telerik

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We are proud to have Stephen Forte, Chief Strategy Officer at Telerik, present this month's software development news at the Sydney .NET Users Group. Steve shares his observations of working in Hong Kong with Tel...