Ulysses Maclaren

General Manager at SSW

Ulysses MacLaren


Ulysses is the General Manager of SSW and has been managing the team at SSW since 2006. Used to working under pressure, he is Adam Cogan's 2nd in charge and keeps the company running smoothly while also dealing with SSW's clients and the development and design teams. He graduated from Sydney University with honors in Electrical Engineering. His passion is making sure that all the guys at SSW feel like a family, while always improving their skill sets and challenging them to constantly expand their horizons. In his spare time, he is one of Australia's top Salsa teachers and is the 4 times Australian Salsa Champion and 3 times Australian Bachata Champion.



Defining PBIs and talking to the Product Owner with Luke Cook

It is very common that a developer looks at a PBI to work on, and find out that it has limited or missing information.


The 5 pillars of teamwork with Ulysses Maclaren

Hear from SSW General Manager, Ulysses Maclaren, as he explains the 5 pillars of effective teamwork, based on the book by Patrick Lencioni


The dangers of your strong suits

“When you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail.”

This saying is often used for developers who want to use their favourite technology to solve every coding issue, even when it’s not the best fit. But this saying is actually relevant to us all.


SSW 2022 Welcome Back To Office Lunch

On the 4th of February we welcomed everyone back to the office with a fantastic lunch! 🥗

It has been a roller coaster 12 months with restrictions, so it was amazing to see everyone back in the office working side by side again 👏


Searching Outlook Effectively with Ulysses Maclaren

Some people are really good at using Outlook search to find the emails they need, while others have a hard time. Searching for emails can be a real struggle, sometimes you want to find emails from months ago but you aren’t sure exactly what to search for.


Do you have a formal or informal mentoring program?

Ulysses Maclaren and Adam Cogan get into some great points about mentoring, including both being a mentor and being mentored.