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C# 6.0 Features You Should Be Using Now | Dev Superpowers Episode #22 with Eric Phan

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C# 6.0 will change the way you write C#. There are many language features that are so much more efficient you’ll wonder why they weren’t there since the beginning. Take the Poll! What's the coolest feature of C# ...

OAuth2, IdentityServer3 and integrating it into your current app | Paul Glavich at DDD Sydney 2016

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SSW TV brings you all the best content from this year's DDD Sydney event. In this presentation Paul Glavich shows us how to integrate OAuth2 and IdentityServer3 into you app. From the description: "Oauth2 is use...

Lessons learned: ASP.NET Core 1.0 + Docker in Production | Jeremy Cade

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Containers, while not a new technology, are still the cool new thing in the Microsoft space. But as with all technologies, there are some rough edges and things to be wary of. In this talk Jeremy steps through some...

What is a compiler? We thought we knew… | Mads Torgersen at DDD Brisbane 2015

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SSW TV was proud to sponsor and record 2015's DDD event in Brisbane. This video features Mads Torgersen, Program Manager at Microsoft, who talks about compilers, specifically Roslyn. This is a fascinating talk a...

Building ‘Real-World’ Apps with Xamarin.Forms | Michael Ridland and Xamarin Hack Day Sydney

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Mobile development is hard! That's why Xamarin Guru Michael Ridland will walk us though Xamarin.Forms; a powerful way to design Android & iOS UI's from a single, shared C# codebase. Easy! This presentation w...

What’s new in Visual Studio 2015 and ALM 2015 with Adam Cogan

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Book Adam Now Visual Studio 2015 is going to be a huge change for both windows and non-windows developers. Thanks to a new/refreshing/cool/awesome change of attitude, Microsoft is embracing the winning tools in th...

No More Deadlocks | Filip Ekberg

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Do you find yourself in situations where your applications deadlock because of async and await? Do you want to make your applications more reliable? In this session Filip Ekberg talks about how to do asynchronous p...

C# Is The Future | Filip Ekberg

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The next version of C# is upon us so if you thought that this language was long forgotten by its creators come along on this journey where Filip will prove you otherwise! Filip will show you how C# has evolved over...

Code Auditor and Roslyn | Happy Ever After | Danijel Malik

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At SSW we care about quality. We care about it so much that we built a tool named Code Auditor which scans code and reports issues. It's not really a secret that our rules relied on C# snippets and Regex patterns. ...

Adventures of a C# Developer in a JavaScript World with Igor Gorelik | DDD Melbourne 2014

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Igor Gorelik presents a lecture on what its like to be a C# Developer in a JavaScript world and presents some handy tips and tricks along the way! Take the Quiz!

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