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The Sprint Retrospective | Scrum Guide

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We've converted the ‘The Sprint Retrospective’ definition from the 2013 Scrum Guide into cartoon form to illustrate how The Sprint Retrospective works in scrum process. The Sprint Retrospective The Sprint Retros...

The Development Team | Scrum Guide

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We've converted the ‘Development Team’ definition from the 2013 Scrum Guide into cartoon form to illustrate the role of the Development Team in Scrum. The Development Team The Development Team consists of profe...

How To Scale Scrum for Large Software Teams | The Nexus Framework from

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In this video SSW Chief Architect Adam Cogan sits down with Team Member Steve Porter. They walk through the new Nexus Framework, an Agile framework designed for large scale software development. Take t...

Hacking Agile | Best Parts of Agile | Gerard Beckerleg at Xamarin Hack Day

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In this short presentation, Gerard Beckerleg - SSW Solution Architect - shows us how we can use Agile to more effectively develop our mobile applications. This presentation was part of the Sydney Xamarin Hack Day l...

SSW User Group Special: Agile Olympics Sydney 2015

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The Agile Dutchman Jesse Houwing, a Trainer, ALM Ranger, and Agile/ALM Consultant, will be leading the fun with Scrum, using interactive games such as Ball point game Chair game The interactive sai...

TFS Extensibility with Damian Brady

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Have you ever wanted Team Foundation Server to do X? You probably can! In this demo-heavy, interactive session, we'll look at the many different options you have for extending TFS to get even more out of the produc...

What is the ‘Daily Scrum’? | Scrum Guide

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The ‘Daily Scrum’ definition from the 2013 Scrum Guide in cartoon form. (from the 2013 Scrum Guide) Daily Scrum The Daily Scrum is a 15-minute time-boxed event for the Development Team to synchronize activiti...

Getting Agile with Testing with Sam Guckenheimer

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Adam Cogan interviews Sam Guckenheimer about: Visual Studio Testing Agile Dev Ops Incremental Versioning Source Control Take the Quiz!

TFS ASAP! | Automate Your TFS Plugins with Sven Hubert

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Book Adam Now Adam Cogan sits down to explore Sven Hubert's new tool - TFS ASAP and how it can improve the TFS experience by automating plugins Take the Quiz!

Visualization and Kanban Boards with TJ Gokcen | FireBootCamp

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TJ Gokcen presents an evocative and interactive talk about how to manage and account for every step of the Software Development Process, using Vizualization and Kanban boards (and how they can be worked into the scrum...

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