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How to Use Twitter Bootstrap with Ben Cull | Dev Superpowers Episode #4 | Ben Cull

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Bootstrap is a sleek, intuitive, and powerful mobile first front-end framework for faster and easier web development. Join Ben as he shows you how easy it is to make use of the framework, and step beyond the "just ano...

Getting Started with SignalR | Dev Superpowers Episode #3 | David Burela

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In Episode 3 of the Dev SuperPower series, you'll learn how ... SignalR enables real time communications between a client & server. Rather than a client polling for updates, the server can now push updates to t...

Web API | Dev Superpowers Episode #2 | David Burela

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SSW TV is happy to present Episode 2 of the Dev Superpower series. In this episode, David Burela takes us through adding Web Api to an ASP .NET MVC website. David will show you how to expose your data in a stand...

Getting Started With ASP.NET MVC5 | Dev Superpowers Episode #1 | David Burela

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SSW is proud to introduce a new series of Webinars for developers. Every month, we introduce a new superpower from the Microsoft stack of technologies. In the first episode, we look at Microsoft ASP.NET MVC5. David...

Writing Mobile Sites | Lessons learned and top tips for web developers

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Adam Stephensen, Solution Architect at SSW, caught up with Dino Esposito, Technical Evangelist at JetBrains, to discuss the lessons learnt building mobile apps and sites. Many of today's users are on the web via mobil...

Client Side Rendering in SharePoint 2013 with Nick Hadlee

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Book Adam Now Adam Cogan sits down with Nick Hadlee to discuss Client Side Rendering in SharePoint 2013. They discuss: Client Side Rendering Enhancing the UI of data JS Link Take the Quiz!

The Pros and Cons of Using LightSwitch to Speed Up Your Development

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SSW's Mehmet Ozdemir, Solution Architect, is the host of this Webinar. He is joined by Andrew Coates, Developer Evangelist at Microsoft, to talk about the pros and cons of using LightSwitch. They discuss: I...

Mastering Scrum | The Common Pitfalls and How to Overcome Them

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Gerard Beckerleg, Solution Architect at SSW, sat down with Marlon Marescia, Sales Manager at SSW to talk about the common pitfalls faced by teams working with Scrum and how you can overcome them. At SSW, Gerard is ...

‘How to make hiring and working with software developers less risky’ with Adam Cogan and Adam Stephensen

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Book Adam Now Marlon Marescia was joined by SSW Chief Architect Adam Cogan and SSW Solution Architect Adam Stephensen for a Webinar on the 25th of October Software development is risky. SSW has worked with hundre...

‘How To Use Video for Your Business’ with the SSW TV team

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In an unusual twist the SSW TV team found themselves in front of the camera for this month's Webinar. In this session Marlon Marescia, Raj Dhatt and Titus Maclaren discussed the reasons why you would want to use vi...

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