Explaining a PBI to a Product Owner with Jake Bayliss

Hear from SSW Senior Software Engineer Jake Bayliss about the importance of providing context, showcasing your work and asking for questions & direction from Product Owners.


Utilizing Open Source Software with Brady Stroud

Open source software is a great option, but it’s not always the best. Make sure to consider these points before deciding to use open source software.


Documenting decisions and discoveries with Piers Sinclair

Work can change quickly. So, if decisions and discoveries haven’t been documented, it can cause significant pain down the line.


Monitoring your Azure costs with Warwick Leahy

Managing the monthly spend on cloud resources (e.g. Azure) is hard. It gets harder for the Spend Master (e.g. SysAdmins) when developers add services without sending an email to aid in reconciliation.


Checking 3rd Party Libraries before Installing with Chris Clement

Efficient software developers don’t reinvent the wheel and know the right libraries to use. Using an already existing and well-tested libraries will speed up development time.


Catering to your audience with Piers Sinclair

Often when you are talking with others, it is easy to forget they have a different background and experience to you. Then, once you start explaining something to them, they easily become lost.


Defining PBIs and talking to the Product Owner with Luke Cook

It is very common that a developer looks at a PBI to work on, and find out that it has limited or missing information.


The 5 pillars of teamwork with Ulysses Maclaren

Hear from SSW General Manager, Ulysses Maclaren, as he explains the 5 pillars of effective teamwork, based on the book by Patrick Lencioni


Talking to the man who runs NDC Conferences – Jakob Bradford and Adam Cogan at NDC Melbourne 2022

Adam catches up with Jakob Bradford in the aftermath of the 2020 pandemic. They discuss the challenges of running a hybrid conference and the resilience of the developer community in the wake of attending remote events. The future is looking bright again and everyone is excited to see industry leaders face to face.