Azure Architecture Center by Microsoft Regional Director Adam Cogan

Azure Architecture Center is a one stop shop for all things Azure Architecture. It’s got a library of reference implementations to get you started. Lots of information on best practices from the big decisions you need to make down to the little details that can make a huge difference to how your application behaves.

superfast transactions with Bryden Oliver

Superfast transactions in low milli-seconds using Cosmos DB and Redis with Bryden Oliver

Need a way to make your code behave like Cosmos has transactions? Let Bryden Oliver show you how.


SSW SophieBot: Introduction to Adaptive Cards Designer the best UI tool for Microsoft bots

Join SSW Software Architect Luke Mao as he demonstrates how to build a profile card with Adaptive Cards Designer, using SSW SophieBot.


Introduction to LUIS Natural language for bots (using SSW SophieBot)

Join Software Architect Jim Zheng as he gives us a look into the SSW SophieBot, an AI chatbot that leverages the power of the Microsoft bot framework and Language Understanding (LUIS) to search for data with natural language search terms.


Tech News: EF Core 6 released, Windows 11 updates Notepad, Apple to release autonomous car

Join Adam Cogan as he goes through SSW Tech News: EF Core 6, Azure Communication Services, Windows 11 Notepad, Apple plans to release fully autonomous car, Visual Studio 2022


Fairness and Helping Each Other – 10 tips with Adam Cogan

We have all dealt with unfairness in the workplace in some way, shape or form. A good workplace won’t foster a sense of unfairness, instead it will create an environment to allow employees to help build each other up. In this video, Adam offers 10 golden tips to deal with unfairness and settle yourself.

What's new in Azure Form Recogniser

What’s new in Azure Form Recogniser? with Microsoft AI MVP Somy Ayazi

Join Somy Ayazi for a brief on Azure Cognitive Services and an overview on Azure From Recogniser new capabilities.


Speaking Up about Unfairness – with Adam Cogan and Jean Thirion

Adam has a fun chat with SSW Solution Architect Jean Thirion about speaking up in the workplace. This is an important topic to discuss with your employer to make sure you are being treated fairly amongst your co-workers. There are some riveting stories Adam and Jean bring up that demonstrate the importance of always speaking up.

Lighting Automation-1x1

Do you know how to do lighting automation?

Join Adam Cogan as he goes through some crucial information on managing your projects. He’ll be looking into GitHub Issues, as well as GitHub Projects, GitHub Labels, and “all that good stuff”.