Build your own Source Generator With Chris Sienkiewicz & JK | NDC Sydney 2022

In this video, Jernej Kavka talks with a senior compiler engineer at Microsoft Chris Sienkiewicz about building and configuring source generators.


Do you know how to choose an Enterprise Password Manager? | Warwick Leahy | SSW Rules

Most organizations store lots of passwords. There is often a need to share these passwords with other staff and these passwords all need to be unique, long and complex.


NPM package hell 🔥… How to avoid going insane with Brook Jeynes

Have you ever seen a developer’s version of hell? We have, and in this video, Brook Jeyness shows us what all developers fear most about updating packages. As well as what we can do to avoid sending developers through the 9 realms of “DevOps’ inferno”.


Source Generators With Chris Sienkiewicz & JK | NDC Sydney 2022

Source Generators let C# developers inspect user code as it is being compiled. The generator can create new C# source files on the fly that are added to the user’s compilation. In this way, you have code that runs during compilation. It inspects your program to produce additional source files that are compiled together with the rest of your code.

Change-X-2-Y-1x1 (1)

Best way to ask for content changes | Ulysses Maclaren | SSW Rules

When asking for changes to be made to any file like a web page, Word document, PowerPoint slide, or code, always include the original version of the content (“X”) together with the changes you require (“Y”).


Mobile frameworks – Comparing the big guns: Ionic, Electron, React Native, Flutter and .NET MAUI

If you need to build a binary app (rather than a web app) that will run on multiple platforms (e.g. iOS, Android, macOS, Windows).


Deploying resources to Azure. with Justin Yoo & Matt Wicks | NDC Sydney 2022

Hear from SSW Senior Software Engineer Jake Bayliss about the importance of providing context, showcasing your work and asking for questions & direction from Product Owners.


Advanced TypeScript types – DRY your code with Basarat Ali & Matt Wicks I NDC Sydney 2022

Here in the NDC Sydney Studio with Basarat Ali and Matt Wicks. Talking about typescript types and removing duplication in your code.

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Dev Containers from Microsoft (was Remote Containers) with Piers Sinclair

Want to save time when working with other developers? Then watch Piers explain Dev containers in Visual Studio.