Building Cross-Platform Apps Made Easy with .NET MAUI in Action with Matt Goldman

Looking to build cross-platform mobile or desktop apps? .NET developer Matt Goldman has got you covered.


How to Plan for Database Performance | Bryden Oliver | User Group

Are your applications running at a snail’s pace? 🐌
Have you been wracking your brain trying to identify the source of the bottleneck? 🔍


Simply Remote Testing with Dev Tunnels | Daniel Mackay | SSW Rules

Find out how to expose a locally running application over the internet for testing and design feedback.

8 Steps to Scrum

8 Steps To Scrum – Scrum explained

Scrum is an Agile framework that SSW has been using for over 20 years. See how easy it is for you to use in these 8 Steps To Scrum.


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Dealing with questions from Product Owners about expenses related to applications hosted on Azure can be a real headache 🥲


Do you use meaningful PBI titles? | Luke Cook | SSW Rules

When a developer or Product Owner is looking through the backlog, it’s important that – at a glance – they can read the titles of PBIs and have a decent understanding of them.


Sustainability in the cloud With Shane Baldacchino & Bryden Oliver | NDC Sydney 2022

Climate change impacts us all. While your choice of programing language might seem like much of a contributor to a carbon footprint.

On a scale, this does add up and not only can cost the environment but the hip pocket as well.


Master Video Editing Terms with Adam and Eve Cogan | SSW Rules

It’s important for anyone involved to know the basic video editing terms to keep feedback clear and concise.


Boost Productivity: Say Goodbye to Time Wasting with this Simple Trick – No Hello | SSW Rules

Please don’t say just ‘Hello’ in chat. It’s as if you called someone on the phone and said “Hi!” and then put them on hold!