Ulysses Maclaren

Ulysses MacLaren

Ulysses Maclaren General Manager at SSW ABOUT ME Ulysses is the General Manager of SSW and has been managing the team at SSW since 2006. Used to working under pressure, he is Adam Cogan’s 2nd in charge and keeps the company running smoothly while also dealing with SSW’s clients and the development and design teams.…

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Top 10+ Rules to Better Email with Ulysses Maclaren

SSW General Manager Ulysses Maclaren walks us through the 5 best ways to increase your efficiency when it comes to email communication. For more info see all the SSW’s Rules to Better Email mentioned in this video: 1. Dones – Do you use email for tasks only – not communication? 2. Dones – Do you…

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What is a ‘Product Owner’? – Scrum Guide

We’ve converted the ‘Product Owner’ definition from the 2013 Scrum Guide into cartoon form to illustrate the role of a Product Owner in a Scrum team. (from the 2013 Scrum Guide) The Product Owner The Product Owner is responsible for maximizing the value of the product and the work of the Development Team. How this…

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