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Adam Cogan interviews Sam Guckenheimer about:

  • Visual Studio
  • Testing
  • Agile
  • Dev Ops
  • Incremental Versioning
  • Source Control

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About the speaker(s)

Sam G

Sam Guckenheimer is the Product Owner of Microsoft Visual Studio product line. He has 30 years' experience as architect, developer, tester, product manager, project manager and general manager in the software industry worldwide. His first book, "Software Engineering with Visual Studio," was translated into seven languages and recognized as a de facto guide for teams adopting agile practices. A frequent speaker at industry conferences, Sam is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Harvard University. Sam lives in the Seattle area with his wife and three of his four children in a sustainable house they built that has been featured in Metropolitan Home and Pacific Northwest magazine.

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  • Fantastic insight into past, present and future of VS + TFS.

    I agree with the point about TFS dependencies (SSAS, SSRS, Sharepoint etc). Many teams fail to take advantage of all TFS offers because (1) they don’t know what it can do and (2) they balk at the idea of learning how to do all that administration.