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Our latest Webinar is hosted by SSW’s Eric Phan, who is joined by Andrew Coates (Developer Evangelist at Microsoft) to talk all things Cloud and Azure.

Being a Developer Evangelist at Microsoft, Andrew is able to talk in great detail about the benefits of moving your apps to the cloud are and why Windows Azure is a great tool for developers to use for this.

In this Webinar, Andrew discusses:

  • Why developers should use the cloud
  • Why use Azure?
  • Moving to Azure
  • Some useful links to resources
  • We end with a Q&A session

About the speaker(s)

Andrew C

Andrew Coates is an Aussie Developer Evangelist working for Microsoft.

In the past Andrew has worked as a Consultant for Proscan Australia, as a Director at Civil Solutions and a Professional Officer at School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, UNSW

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