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Manual deployments are NOT fun. In this presentation, Peter Gfader discusses:

  • Continuous Delivery with msbuild and msdeploy
  • How painful current deployments are
  • What benefit we get through an automated deployment process
  • How to automate the deployment with TFS 2010
  • Best practices with Continuous Delivery.

About the speaker(s)

Deployment Ninja

Peter was born in South Tirol Italy, studied in Austria, and is now working in Sydney Australia as a consultant for SSW. Peter is an Agile Enthusiast, aspiring Software Craftsman, likes Clean Code and is a strong believer in improving in baby steps. Peter blogs about .NET development. On his blog, he covers many aspects of C# programming, usability tips & tricks, best practices in teams, problems and his solution approach.

He is also an athlete that likes running, mountain biking, rock climbing, and surfing.

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