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Have you ever found times where you just want to write and execute some C# code and you ask yourself Do I really need an IDE? a solution? a project? a class? Do I really need to compile? Why do I have to worry about all these dlls?

If you’ve done any development with dynamic languages like Ruby, Python or node.js the answer is you don’t. But what about C#?

scriptcs ( is new way to develop C# applications as script. It leverages compiler advancements of Roslyn and combines the power of nuget to offer a low calorie approach to working with C#. It’s great for prototyping, simple scripting or even building simple apps. Not only does it let you write scripted “apps”, but it also includes a REPL so you can execute code interactively. You can even debug.

Watch this talk and it will change the way you think about C# development.

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1. How can you include files within your scripts?

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2. Which function do you use to load a script pack?

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3. If you want to run scripts interactively what do you use?

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Mr ScriptCS
Glenn works on the Windows Azure engineering team making sure it’s a kick-ass platform for Open Source development. When he’s not developing products or with family you’ll find him at a conference somewhere in the world, hacking away on some new thing, pairing up with whoever he can find, or tweeting in to the wee hours of the night as @gblock.

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