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Tiago gives Adam a quick tour to VSO Enhancer. A product he is developing, to enable Visual Studio Online users (since the video has been recorded support for TFS 2013 on premises as been added) to get a more streamlined experience, by adding new features or improving the use of existing ones.

VSO Enhancers adds features like:

  • Keyboard shortcuts – Reduce the number of times you need to reach your mouse,  navigating with keyboard shortcuts
  • Quick Launch – Quickly access functionality by typing in a few letters
  • Add more links to the project/team home – 
    • If you work more in a kanban kind of way and you don’t do sprints or they don’t have adds adds the CFD to home page (like the burndown is shown by default if you are working in a Scrum kind of way)
    • Access the kanban board with a link
    • See at a glance in a single click, the CFD for features, user stories and your burn down to understand how your project has evolved.
  • Enhances the Task Board and the Kanban Board – Too many features to describe here. But you can get an idea of the features on VSO Enhancer page

You can read more about VSO Enhancer on his blog

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Tiago is a Visual Studio ALM Microsoft Most Valuable and a Visual Studio ALM Ranger since 2008. With over 13 years experience in the software development field, started his career developing a web application server on multi platform systems enabling people to write software that worked on both Un*x and Windows platforms. Does Consulting on software development methodologies and software application lifecycle management implementations using Visual Studio to help teams support their development processes. Founding member of GASP - The Portuguese software architecture group, is a frequent speaker at events talking about Agile methodologies, architecture and Visual Studio ALM


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