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Adam Cogan sits down to explore Sven Hubert’s new tool – TFS ASAP and how it can improve the TFS experience by automating plugins

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1. There are two possible ways to subscribe for events in TFS (web service subscription and in-process ISubscriber implementation). Which is the one ASAP uses?

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2. What is the main problem with time tracking in ASAP solving?

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3. In the video, ASAP editions are shown. What additional edition has been added to ASAP recently which has not been shown in the interview? (hint: see

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ALM Guru
Sven Hubert is Vice President and Software Process Consultant for ALM at AIT in Stuttgart and since 2010 Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for Visual Studio ALM. He helps organizations in improving software development and consulting teams in the introduction and adaptation of the Visual Studio Team Foundation Server. He also has experience providing education as an author of TFS blogs, in magazines and in lectures.

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