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SSW is proud to introduce a new series of Webinars for developers. Every month, we introduce a new superpower from the Microsoft stack of technologies.

In the first episode, we look at Microsoft ASP.NET MVC5. David Burela, SSW Solution Architect, takes us through building a new tracking app be created from scratch, which he then deploys to Microsoft Azure, ready for anybody to use. It then takes an extended look at each of the components:

  • What the options effect during File -> New Project
  • How MVC works
  • Entity Framework 6 code first
  • Nuget packages
  • Responsive site with Twitter Bootstrap
  • Microsoft Azure Websites

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About the speaker(s)

Mr Cutting Edge

David is a Solution Architect & Microsoft Azure MVP who runs our Melbourne SSW Office.

He has been working with .Net for 10+ years, with 7 years experience as a consultant. In that time he has worked with the entire .Net stack but focus most of his attention on cloud development & smart client technologies (Desktop & native mobile).

David is heavily involved in the developer community and regularly speaks at conferences, and also helps organise community events.

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  • Andre 3 years ago

    I like the way you teach, I’m beginner web developer. If you could tell me what plugin do you use to make things easier I installed : but I’m not sure if is this the correct one that make appear a menu helper to create the class and add library reference automatically.