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There are some significant changes coming in ASP.NET vNext. The early preview release from Microsoft gives us some interesting insights. Some highlights being:

  • Project format is changing to a single JSON file
  • ASP.NET MVC and Web API have been unified into a single programming model
  • Project Roslyn allows for a “no-compile” developer experience while making updates
  • Migration to a OWIN hosting model allows for flexibility in production web hosts (IIS or running on Linux via Mono)

More details and access to the latest previews can be found at these links: vNext homepage

Getting started with ASP.Net vNext

Project Roslyn

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Mr. Future Tech

David is a Solution Architect & Microsoft Azure MVP who runs our Melbourne SSW Office.

He has been working with .Net for 10+ years, with 7 years experience as a consultant. In that time he has worked with the entire .Net stack but focus most of his attention on cloud development & smart client technologies (Desktop & native mobile).

David is heavily involved in the developer community and regularly speaks at conferences, and also helps organise community events.

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