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Have you ever wanted Team Foundation Server to do X? You probably can!

In this demo-heavy, interactive session, we’ll look at the many different options you have for extending TFS to get even more out of the product, including the brand new REST API and Web Hooks features just released at Tech Ed North America.

We’ll briefly talk about some of the more well-known extensibility points then move onto some of those that are less well-known. We’ll take a look at the Server and Client Object Models and we’ll take a peek at some other quick and easy ways to subscribe to events and get information out of Team Foundation Server. Finally, we’ll drill into the new REST API and Web Hooks for the newest and best way to interact with Team Foundation Server 2013.

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1. What extensibility options are available to you if you want to read information from TFS?

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2. The Server Object Model is only available for on-premises installations of TFS

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3. Which extensibility option provides the most opportunity for changing the behaviour of TFS?

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TFS Master
Damian Brady is a Microsoft MVP in Application Lifecycle Management and a co-author of the "Professional Team Foundation Server 2013" book from Wiley. He's a Solution Architect and State Manager for SSW Brisbane, and also runs the Brisbane .Net User Group and the annual DDD Brisbane conference. Damian specializes in Team Foundation Server and ASP.NET development and he's a regular speaker at User Groups and conferences in Australia and overseas. His Twitter handle is @damovisa and you can read his blog at

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