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Danijel Malik sits down with Damian Brady to talk about why you should consider using Octopus Deploy.

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1. How does Octopus Deploy manage deployment of the same project to different environments with a different number of servers?

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2. What is the technology used to run the steps in a process?

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3. What is the underlying technology that handles versioning of packages for deployment?

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About the speaker(s)

The Tentacles

Danijel is a ​​Visual Studio ALM MVP. He is an experienced developer and speaker, regularly presenting at conferences around the world.

At SSW, as well as building great solutions for clients, Danijel ​​​​is the Product Owner for SSW Code Auditor.

Damian is a Solution Architect and Microsoft MVP in Visual Studio ALM who runs our Brisbane SSW Office.

Damian is very active in the Brisbane developer community and runs both the Brisbane .Net User Group You are now leaving SSW (formerly Qld MSDN User Group and the DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper Brisbane You are now leaving SSW conference. He is also a regular speaker at the Queensland ALM You are now leaving SSW user group and various conferences and user groups in other states. He's also a co-author of "Professional Team Foundation Server 2013".​

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