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Bootstrap is a sleek, intuitive, and powerful mobile first front-end framework for faster and easier web development. Join Ben as he shows you how easy it is to make use of the framework, and step beyond the “just another bootstrap site” look and feel.

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1. What is the base class for a button?

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2. What is the URL to find more information about Bootstrap?

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3. What is the name of the icon package used in the video?

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About the speaker(s)

Bootstrap Guru

SSW Solution Architect, Ben Cull builds web applications that are lightning fast and dressed to impress. Having such a strong background in C# and SQL Server also allows him to create complex systems that run behind the scenes. In his spare time you'll find him having a cold beer and tinkering with the latest technologies.

He is currently building some Windows Phone and Windows 8 applications. Ben is the Co-Founder of TBODA, a group of 4 QUT graduates who create cool new web apps for fun. Specialties: Web Development, Websites, Web Applications, Software as a Service

You can check out Ben's awesome Beer brewing YouTube Channel 'Mash Hacks'

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