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This presentation is a walk through of the code, benefits and how to get started using John Papa’s Hot Towel Angular. Hot Towel Angular creates a great starting point for building a Single Page Application (SPA). Out of the box it provides a modular structure for your code, view navigation, data binding, separation of services, and simple but elegant styling. Hot Towel provides everything you need to build a SPA, so you can focus on your app, not the plumbing.

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1. If you use Hot Towel Angular you can customise every part of the template and you are not locked into using every part of the template

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2. Hot Towel Angular is a Microsoft product?

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3. Why does Hot Towel Angular save you time?

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Healthy Coder
Duncan Hunter loves working in passionate teams to make awesome software. Making sustainable software that solves real world issues is what makes Duncan tick. He is a full stack developer using Azure, AngularJS, TypeScript, ASP.NET and BreezeJS. He lives and works in Sydney making software for the Nutrition Industry and is the founder of and

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