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At SSW we care about quality. We care about it so much that we built a tool named Code Auditor which scans code and reports issues.

It’s not really a secret that our rules relied on C# snippets and Regex patterns. Over time – as the C# language evolved – we started seeing false positives. Yikes! Then we met Roslyn – the new .NET compiler platform – which opened a new dimension in the Code Analysis world. We drive a Mercedes now. Want to have a test drive? Join me in this session and you’ll learn what Roslyn can do for you. Forget the demos, see the real world code.

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About the speaker(s)

Mr Code Auditor

Danijel is a ​​Visual Studio ALM MVP. He is an experienced developer and speaker, regularly presenting at conferences around the world.

At SSW, as well as building great solutions for clients, Danijel ​​​​is the Product Owner for SSW Code Auditor.

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