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Learn how to harness the power of Typescript in your AngularJS projects. Setting up TypeScript with AngularJS for the first time can be challenging but in this session we make using this fantastic duo a piece of cake.

With the announcement that the next generation of AngularJS 2.0 will be built with TypeScript using TypeScript with your Angular 1.x porjects is a great investment to get ready to migrate to Angular2.0 and ECMA Script 6.

In this session we will discuss how to:

  • Use TypeScript to create AngularJS controllers, modules and factories
  • Communicate with Web API services from TypeScript using AngularJS
  • Use Definitely Typed Definitions for AngularJS objects to get the benefit of code completion

Source code is available at GitHub.

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1. What are three benefits to using TypeScript with AngularJS

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2. When you use TypeScript with Angular you end up writing more code.

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3. Using TypeScript will prepare you for ECMAScript 6 with AngularJS 2.0

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About the speaker(s)

Mr TypeScript
Duncan Hunter loves working in passionate teams to make awesome software. Making sustainable software that solves real world issues is what makes Duncan tick. He is a full stack developer using Azure, AngularJS, TypeScript, ASP.NET and BreezeJS. He lives and works in Sydney making software for the Nutrition Industry and is the founder of and

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