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In episode 10 of our Dev Superpowers series David Burela will show how you can combine the cross platform native UI capabilities of Xamarin.Forms with the clean structuring of MVVM (Model, View, ViewModel). You will learn the very basics of what MVVM is and be taken through how to implement it into your mobile application.

David starts by building an app with standard event handlers on buttons, then takes it through the evolution of implementing MVVM into the application from scratch, with explanations throughout on the benefits you are getting at each step.

Xamarin.Forms will be demonstrated to show how you can define your UI once, and have your app have a native look and feel on all devices automatically.

You can access the sample code on GitHub.

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About the speaker(s)

Mr Xamarin

David is a Solution Architect at SSW and a Microsoft Windows Azure MVP. Previously he worked for Infragistics as their Technical Evangelist, and at Readify as a consultant. He specializes in smart client applications (desktop, native mobile) and regularly speaks at user groups and conferences like TechEd Australia.

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  • Jeremy Thompson 3 years ago

    that was actually really good David… I am glad you did not edit out the 3 or 4 of typo’s, mistakes and compile fails with there immediate resolution.. it was a good touch of reality.