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The Agile Dutchman Jesse Houwing, a Trainer, ALM Ranger, and Agile/ALM Consultant, will be leading the fun with Scrum, using interactive games such as

  • Ball point game
  • Chair game
  • The interactive sail boat
  • Scrum Simulation with Lego Bricks

You’ll see these guys play ball, do some mystifying things with chairs, and build a Lego city – all in the name of learning. Through these fun exercises, Jesse illustrates concepts like Technical Debt, Inspection and Adaption, Retrospectives, and Self-management and self-organization.

Whether you already use Scrum and want to brush up on your skills, or you want to know more about Scrum and how it works, this friendly, interactive session is for everyone. There’ll be tonnes of fun, hands-on learning, and absolutely no boring bits, so check it out!

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1. Is Identity 3.0 added by default to ASP.NET 5 projects?

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2. What class is used to Manage Users?

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3. In which method do you add your Dependency Injection configuration?

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About the speaker(s)

The Agile Dutchman

esse Houwing Jesse is an agile addict, loves strong espressos, used to teach people how to create crazy regular expressions and tries to solve other people's LINQ queries in his spare time.

He works for Avanade as a Microsoft ALM Consultant and trains its development teams to do proper scrum. Adam dubbed him the Agile Dutchman.

He's married to his lovely wife Charlotte and lives in the city of Utrecht, smack in the middle of The Netherlands.

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