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SSW’s Danijel Malik speaks to Marcel de Vries at the Microsoft MVP Summit in Seattle. They talk about two very important things when dealing with NuGet packages; licensing and vulnerabilities.

Many people just pull in new packages being unaware of potential traps they might walk into. Marcel explains how to deal with these kind of situations.

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1. Why is NuGet so great?

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2. What is the potential risk with NuGet packages?

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3. What is the best way to control licenses and package versions in your solution?

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About the speaker(s)

Mr. NuGet

Marcel spends most of his time helping customers build enterprise systems based on Microsoft Technology. He has been working with Microsoft technology since he graduated in Computer Science in 1996. He started mainly with C/C++ and MFC. When Microsoft launched its new .NET platform in he immediately used it to write the first commercial application to go live in the Netherlands based on ASP.NET.

Marcel writes articles and whitepapers on .NET and Team System for MSDN, Architecture journal and Dutch local magazines like .NET magazine. Marcel is a frequent speaker at conferences like Microsoft Tech Ed, Developer Days, SDC, MCT Summit and is besides his work as an IT Architect consultant at large bank and insurance companies also Technology Manager at Info Support and a Microsoft Certified trainer. As a trainer he teaches courses on Visual Studio ALM, Windows Workflow Foundation and Mobile development.

Marcel is a Visual Studio ALM MVP and Microsoft Regional Director for the Netherlands.

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