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SSW’s Danijel Malik speaks to Mads Kristensen at the Microsoft MVP Summit in Seattle. They talk about Visual Studio extensibility and Mads’ Web Essentials extension.

Mads explains the pain he had to go through to abstract the code so that others can easily contribute to the project. In less than 10 minutes he demonstrates its simplicity by building a feature that will ship in Web Essentials for Visual Studio 2015.

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About the speaker(s)

Mr. Web Essentials

Mads Kristensen is a Program Manager on the Web Platforms & Tools team at Microsoft working on the web developer experiences of Visual Studio. He has over a decade of experience in developing web applications on the Microsoft platform which got him the honor of becoming both an ASP.NET MVP and ASPInsider.

Mads is also the creator of some popular Visual Studio extension including Web Essentials, Image Optimizer and CssCop.

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