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In this presentation, Chris Briggs will teach you how to jump head first into Windows Internet of Things (IoT) development by using the Universal Windows Platform (UWP), allowing developers to build one solution across Microsoft hardware platforms.

Chris will show you the basics of Windows Universal app development with a focus on building apps for devices running Windows 10 IoT Core, through to how to integrate the solution with Windows Azure.

You will see Chris build a simple Universal app, deploy it to Raspberry Pi 2, then expand upon the application to read input from sensors and finally establish communication with Azure. This will demonstrate how to take a simple “hello world” thing and make it a useful citizen of IoT.

Windows IoT development using Universal apps will make it obvious that there is no better time as a .Net developer to jump into IoT!

Teaching Points

  • What you need to know about the breadboard and GPIO
  • How make the sensors sing
  • How to dance with Azure

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1. What are I2C, SPI and serial?

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2. What does the Pi interact with in Azure?

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3. What is the name of Chris’ Pi?

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About the speaker(s)

Mr IoT
Chris is a Senior Software Developer at SSW, passionate about IoT, Scrum, Security, Windows Universal Apps and Xamarin. All the Devs at SSW have been asking Chris, what he thinks the Internet of Things will mean for their day to day lives? It ranges from the impossible to the improbable, from automating their coffee breaks, to telling them exactly when the next bus will arrive!

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