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SSW TV recorded this years’ DDD conference in Melbourne.

In this session, Darrel Miller – an independent consultant and Microsoft Integration MVP – starts of the conference in this keynote about the REST API.

From the presentation description:

There is a growing API economy. Almost every software business is either starting to consume APIs or produce APIs for others to consume. When it comes to building APIs, REST has won the popularity contest, but from a technical perspective the term has little meaning. Everyone has their own interpretation. This talk will discuss how to efficiently consume an API whether it is the simplest list of HTTP endpoints with JSON payloads, or hypermedia driven using bleeding edge, content negotiated, media types. We will talk about how to build re-usable and resilient client code that can insulate your client application from the dreaded V2 API. You will hear lots of practical guidance and insight that is not commonly discussed. Whether you are new to REST or an experienced practitioner, I believe you will leave this talk with some fresh perspectives on the subject.

About the speaker(s)

Darrel Miller is a software developer, trainer, speaker and Microsoft Integration MVP. Darrel is focused on all things HTTP, Hypermedia, HttpClient and Web API.

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