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Join Duncan as he walks through the five main questions you will need to ask yourself before starting a .NET application with Angular today.

This talk is based off the lessons learnt building enterprise .NET applications at SSW over the last 18 months.

Would you like to learn more about Angular 2.0?

SSW Dev Superheroes Adam Stephensen and Duncan Hunter will be covering this and more in their two day ASP.NET 5 and Angular Superpowers Tour. Stopping in Melbourne (16th – 17th March) Brisbane (21st – 22nd March) and Sydney (31st March – 1st April).

About the speaker(s)

Mr Angular
Duncan Hunter loves working in passionate teams to make awesome software. Making sustainable software that solves real world issues is what makes Duncan tick. He is a full stack developer using Azure, AngularJS, TypeScript, ASP.NET and BreezeJS. He lives and works in Sydney making software for the Nutrition Industry and is the founder of and

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