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SSW TV was proud to sponsor the 2015 DDD event in Brisbane.

In this session, Jeremy Cade talks to us about Windows Server Containers.

From the description:

The game has changed: Containers, once the the sole dominion of Linux have made their way into the Microsoft stack. So what does this mean for the average ASP.NET Developer? What problems do Containers solve? How will it change your development and deployment workflows?

Join Jeremy as he takes an in-depth look at what the average ASP.NET developer needs to know to work with Windows Server Containers.

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About the speaker(s)

Mr Containers

Jeremy Cade has been working professionally as a Software Engineer for 15 years.

His core expertise lies in the areas of Web Application Design and Development, Cloud Computing, Massively Parallel / Distributed Systems, Robotics (IoT), AI & Machine Learning, and of course Online Marketing and Lead Generation.

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