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SSW TV was proud to sponsor and record 2015’s DDD event in Brisbane.

This video features Mads Torgersen, Program Manager at Microsoft, who talks about compilers, specifically Roslyn.

This is a fascinating talk and should be watched by any developer.

From the description:

Project “Roslyn” revamps C#’s fundamental compiler infrastructure, and challenges our concept of what a compiler is: an open, interactive, error tolerant language engine that underlies code understanding at all levels of the development experience.

In this talk we’ll look at the big picture of Roslyn, use its open API to build an IDE feature live on stage, and sneak an early look at language features we’re contemplating building on it for the next version of C#.

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About the speaker(s)

Mr C#
Mads is the Program Manager for the C# Language. He maintains the language specification and runs the language design process for C#.

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