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In this video SSW’s Brendan Richards interviews Russ Cam from Elastic Search.

Elastic Search is a search analytics engine that’s used by many major corporates around the world, including the Microsoft Azure Team.

About the speaker(s)

Search Gurus

Throughout his career, Brendan has been a big user and proponent of Open Source software. This has been applied to a broad variety of web-based programming projects spanning the last 12 years. Brendan has worked with an eclectic mix of languages, platforms and technologies including .Net, Java, PHP, Ruby and Perl across both Unix/Linux and Microsoft Windows platforms. This gives Brendan some unique perspectives on how different teams & platforms have tackled similar problems.

Russ Cam is a professional Software Consultant and Engineer with a wealth of experience in the Software Development Life Cycle, from requirements gathering, functional, non-functional and technical specifications to research, implementation, unit, integration, acceptance and performance testing.

Russ is currently Software Engineer working in the MSFT/.NET team at Elastic.

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