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SSW’s Danijel Malik’s interview with Mario Rodriguez, Senior Program Manager for VSTS, at the Microsoft MVP Summit in Seattle to have a chat about common issues surrounding package management. In this video, Mario explains some of the problems enterprise teams are facing today and what solutions Microsoft is building in that space.


About the speaker(s)

Package Managers

Danijel is a Visual Studio ALM MVP. He is an experienced developer and speaker, regularly presenting at conferences around the world. At SSW, as well as building great solutions for clients, Danijel is the Product Owner for SSW Code Auditor.

Mario Rodriguez is a Senior Program Manager for Team Foundation Server (TFS) where he currently focuses on framework services which enable the cloud offering. Prior to joining TFS as a Program Manager in 2005, Mario worked as test engineer in Xbox shiping games like Forza Motorsport and Project Gotham Racing.

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