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Microsoft Ignite Australia is on the Gold Coast this year and SSW TV was there to catch all the action.

Adam Stephensen Interviews Michael Ridland

In this interview Michael discusses:

1. The different flavours of Xamarin
2. What’s new in Xamarin Forms
3. Xamarin Forms Performance

About the speaker(s)

Mr Xamarin

Adam Stephensen is a Solution Architect at SSW with a decade of experience performing needs analysis, designing and building scaleable, database-driven, distributed enterprise solutions incorporating web and windows interfaces.

Michael is a freelance .NET and Xamarin consultant. He's been developing Xamarin applications for 2+ years. Xamarin is a superb tool that allows Michael to delight his users with beautiful native user interfaces. He's looking forward to sharing his Xamarin experiences with other developers enabling them to delight their users.

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