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NDC returned to Sydney this year and SSW TV was there to catch all the action with our Ask Me Anything! sessions.

As usual there were a host of top industry pros talking about various subjects related to software development. SSW TV was there to run the ‘Ask Me Anything’ booth, where we grabbed some of those speakers after their sessions and talked about a number of topics.

In this AMA, SSW’s Thiago Passos interviewed Michele Bustamante

Together they talk about docker, Microservices, kubernete and orchestration.

About the speaker(s)

Ms. Microservices

Thiago Passos joined SSW in 2014 as a Solution Architect. He's specialized in SharePoint and .NET, preferring C#.NET over VB.NET, working on windows and web applications, including some distributed applications and web services.

Michele Leroux Bustamante is a founder and CIO of Solliance (, founder of, a Microsoft Regional Director and Microsoft Azure MVP. Additionally she has been awarded Azure Elite and Azure Insider status as well as the ASP.NET Insider designation. Michele is a thought leader recognized in many fields including software architecture and design, identity and access management, cloud computing technologies , security and compliance, and DevOps.

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