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DDD Brisbane 2017 is a conference ran by developers for developers and SSW TV was on hand to catch some of the action!

Speaker: Jakob Højgaard @hgaard

This talk will take you on a journey into the world of overly complicated and over engineered enterprise software and take you back to a saner and simpler world embracing the monolith first approach.

In this talk you will learn why it is worth considering refactoring your large overly complicated (enterprise) system rather that starting out from scratch. You will be guided though the process of carving out your actual domain and learn why it is almost always better to design a solid monolith before even considering microservices. You will also learn why practices like testing, logging and proper naming are so very important.

About the speaker(s)

Mr Microservices

Jakob is a Danish full stack software engineer and architect with 15y+ experience. He does web, security cross-platform mobile development and everything in-between. He is known for challenging the well-known, with a positive mind, both when it comes to building solutions, improving the development process and choosing platform, language or technology. He is inspired by functional programming languages, which is reflected in his approach to programming and strives to become a polyglot developer.

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