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“Hey Dev, stop for a Sec… it’s not all about Ops!”

Admit it! Ever since you adopted DevOps, things are spinning way faster than you thought they would. Tools are taking care of the CI/CD process, an APM platform gives you insights into issues in production, and you are fully focused on your code. Having said that, how good is your code really? I bet you protect your secrets, prevent XSS and SQL Injection, use encrypted passwords, put your websites and APIs behind HTTPS, etc., …but is that enough? The answer is NO!

In this session, I’ll guide you through the risks your solutions are exposed to and how to fight them by putting Sec in your DevOps process. You’ll walk away with an understanding of how to secure your applications without compromising your pace and ability to deliver.

DevSecOps – fast, secure, reliable

About the speaker(s)

Mr DevOps
Danijel is a DevOps mastermind with a broad range of technical skills and a deep desire to understand the client's business first. In his career, which includes more than 10 years of professional experience, he has built Desktop, Mobile & Web projects, many of them at the Enterprise level. With an eye on the bleeding edge technologies, he is always one step ahead and loves sharing his experience at user groups and conferences. In 2013, Danijel was awarded Microsoft MVP status for Visual Studio ALM (now Visual Studio and Development Technologies) for his contributions to the community, which he has maintained every year since.

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