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Imagine you had something really important to tell everyone but weren’t allowed to speak up until asked. That’s how all web servers and WebAPIs with their HTTP Request/Response cycle operate.

SignalR, built on WebSockets, changes this client-server relationship from “speak only when spoken to” to a fully bi-directional communication. This is amazing, but can also generate a lot of asynchronous events. Fortunately, we’ve got some great tools for handling asynchronous events….

Like many developers, Brendan first started using the Redux and Observable patterns developing client-side JavaScript / Typescript Single Page Apps. But Rx and Redux libraries exist for many languages.

This talk explores implementing Redux behind a SignalR hub on an ASP.Net Core web server, adding predictable state management to the real-time capabilities of SignalR.

About the speaker(s)

Mr Redux
Brendan Richards is an SSW Solution Architect based in Brisbane. Over the past 18 years he has designed, developed and delivered many successful enterprise web solutions using a diverse spectrum of platforms and technologies: stretching from Perl/CGI on Linux in the 90s, through PHP and Java, to .NET and Angular. His current specialisations include Linux, .NET Core, Entity Framework, Angular 2 and Elastic Search.

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