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The explosive growth of web frameworks and the demands of users have changed the approach to building web applications. Many challenges exist, and getting started can be a daunting prospect.

Let’s change that now. This talk provides practical guidance and recommendations.

We will cover architecture, technologies, tools, and frameworks. We will examine strategies for organizing your projects, folders and files. We will design a system that is simple to build and maintain – all the way from development to production. You leave this talk inspired and prepared to take your enterprise application development to the next level.

This presentation was filmed at DDD Sydney.

About the speaker(s)

Mr .NET Core

Jason is a passionate solution architect with over 15 years professional experience, currently specialising in enterprise application development utilising ASP.NET MVC, Web API, SignalR, Entity Framework, AngularJS, TypeScript, and Bootstrap. Achieved Master of Information Technology in Software Architecture (2011) and Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer in Web Applications (2016).

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