Are you about to embark on a new Azure project? Do you want to know how much it’ll cost to run? And everyone needs to get the cost down on their current project. Right? 💸

00:00 | Introduction
01:05 | I’m Bryden Oliver
01:37 | Agenda
04:27 | Planning
24:30 | Deploying
28:33 | Monitoring
33:17 | Reducing Cost
57:25 | Summary
59:40 | Q&A

Join SSW Solution Architect Bryden Oliver as he walks you through how to manage your Azure project cost. In this talk, Bryden will cover:
▪️ Managed vs unmanaged services
▪️ Understanding your expected workload
▪️ How to choose the right performance or pricing tier
▪️ Understanding the best way to use the Azure pricing calculator
▪️ Monitoring, alerting and tuning the costs once deployed
▪️ The hidden costs you may not expect
▪️ Balancing cost with other priorities (like availability or security)

After this talk, you will be able to start small and scale up, understanding how costs will change throughout your project. Bryden will share real-life project examples and plenty of anecdotes from many years of experience designing large Azure-based systems.

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Bryden Oliver –…
SSW Solution Architect

Bryden is a Solution Architect with over 30 years of professional experience, working with customers from small businesses to the world’s largest companies. He has a wealth of knowledge from a diverse range of areas, particularly focused on databases, web services, Microsoft Azure, and SaaS solutions. Bryden has a strong understanding of how software will deliver business value.


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About the speakers

About the speakers

Bryden Oliver

Bryden loves working with the multitude of Azure technologies to build customized, structured, and cost-efficient solutions. His exceptional experience has solved enormously high-scale complex problems, while working directly with Microsoft Development teams in Azure Functions, Cosmos DB, and SQL Server.

With years of experience building software, Bryden has been helping customers understand and improve the performance of their database and applications. Bryden's unique perspective on the difficulties of managing data allows their custom-built applications to grow painlessly as the organization evolves.

He also enjoys seeing people improve their skills, and would relish the opportunity to help others grow whilst building software solutions with them. He has been a mentor to staff at varying points in their careers over several years.

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