We all know passwords are not fit for purpose, and we’re slowly making our way to a “post-password” world. Passwords are a problem for security, convenience, and accessibility, and the future of authentication won’t involve passwords at all.

00:00 | Introduction

01:01 | Who is Matt Goldman?

01:32 | SSW Rewards

02:22 | Passwords are not fit for purpose

05:48 | Issues with passwords

11:03 | Time it takes hacker to brute force your password

13:54 | Passwords summary

15:51 | Passwordless scenarios

16:29 | Demo – DOTNETFLIX

21:27 | Architecture of how this is built

29:20 | Authentication Methods (MVP)

31:13 | Demo – Postman

40:20 | It is all just HTTP requests

41:09 | Authentication Methods (Non-MVP)

43:34 | The Web Authentication API (WebAuthN)

47:01 | Registration

50:23 | Authentication

1:03:46 | Conclusion

1:05:37 | Biohacking!

1:08:14 | Got feedback?

1:08:58 | Q&A’s

1:20:15 | Sign off

There are already many options available to take passwords out of the picture for your authentication scenarios. We’re all used to our phones and computers letting us login with our faces or fingers, and organisations like the FIDO alliance are building the foundations of the password-free future.

By using existing and well-established technologies, we can provide secure, convenient, passwordless authentication for our users. In fact, in many cases, a password is the worst possible option. Not every interaction has a keyboard or biometric sensor available, and many don’t even involve a user at all.

In this talk, Matt Goldman gives us a glimpse of the future, showing how developers can use familiar technologies to minimise, or even eradicate, the use of passwords, paving the way for safe, secure, and seamless authentication using the technology already in our hands.

— Matt’s GitHub repo : https://GitHub.com/matt-goldman/dotne…

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About the speakers

About the speakers

Matt Goldman

William is a Solution Architect with over 18 years of professional experience spanning multiple industries such as Heavy Engineering, Mining, 3D Graphics, Education and Finance.

With his many years of experience, William has learnt how to adapt to new industries, and this gives him a unique talent for synchronizing with his clients' business languages and processes to successfully build their solutions.

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