The Digital Workplace Conference is on again in Sydney, and SSW were lucky enough to get some exclusive interviews with some of the presenters on the day.

Mark Rhodes interviews Michael Kordahi

Mark Rhodes from Microsoft speaks to Michael Kordahi, about what he thinks it takes to be successful in a digital workplace and how you can achieve great things by thinking outside of the box.

About the speakers

About the speakers

Mr Creativity

Mark Rhodes is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) and Premier Field Engineer with Microsoft. Mark is an experienced presenter, with conference and user group presentations across Australia, New Zealand and Asia across a variety of fields including Microsoft SharePoint, Azure, Virtualisation, Automation and Identity Management..

Michael is a hacker, educator, founder and generally noisy person. He is not at all serious, qualified or professional. Ironically, he is a highly qualified and professionally decorated nonconformist who occasionally invents words to suit his bio. Having built a successful corporate career in corporate leadership corporat’ing at big corporates such as Microsoft, Westpac and Commonwealth Bank (he found it all a bit lewd, lascivious, salacious and outrageous), he now runs his own thing profiting from teaching others to be better communicators. During his time at Microsoft he spent bucket loads of cranial-capacity producing and delivering keynotes, events and media experiences with countless awesome brands; Westpac, Namco (PAC-MAN), Ralph Magazine, SBS, Foxtel and ABC are a few amongst them.

Michael has spent his entire life indulging his creative, curious and resourceful DNA. And by far, he is at his happiest when he helps others do the same.

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