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In 2002, Carl Franklin started something pretty special and known well throughout the .NET community of developers.

.NET Rocks!, with its 1000’s (and 1000’s) of listeners around the world, provides very interesting and valuable information to anyone who is interested in software development.

Adam Cogan, who had previously appeared on the show, wanted to know more about the success behind .NET Rocks! and its founder, so he sat down with Carl to chat about everything .NET Rocks!

About the speakers

About the speakers


Carl started his career as musician, but eventually became a software developer. He started a hands-on training company in 1999 (www.franklins.net) which is still doing well to this day. In 2002, he started recording an hour-long talk show for .NET software developers and publishing it as an mp3 file. Boasting 3.7 million downloads in 2006, the show became a run-away success.

Currently Carl has returned to his first love, music. He is producing bands and artists at Pwop Studios in New London, CT.

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