In this Tech Talk, Andreas Lengkeek has a chat with Matt Goldman.…

You can access the GitHub repos from this talk here:

They cover:

  • Github Actions and deploying artifacts
  • Deploying multiple-services eg. Azure Apps, Dynamics, Blazor
  • Test an end-to-end solution

0:32 Project summary: Automatic testing and deployment of Azure App Service API, CMS, Dynamics CRM, Blazor UI

1:35 Github workflow

2:17 Demo with interaction between two services and the UI “The solution in a nutshell”

4:00 Generating a unit test with Spec flow from a Gherkin statement

4:59 Using Playwright to create a steps file for the test (using bindings to achieve browser automation)

6:12 Debugging and testing using test explorer

7:48 Running headless tests without debugger

8:23 Demo of automated tests and deploying to production

10:54 TODOs – Grabbing the artefact from the repo to optimise deployment to Azure

12:16 TODOs – Configure as environments in Github

13:28 Deploy to production

14:05 Reviewing successful tests

16:25 TODOs – Configuring timeout defaults to optimise test speed and avoid failed runs

— More Info —

This is a POC to a working pipeline including:

  • Pull Requests and unit tests (using nunit)
  • UI tests are fragile – Complex dependencies
  • Orchestration: YAML, YML
  • BDD Gherkin Statements
  • aka plain English testing (eg. Given, When, Then)
  • SpecFlow – Visual Studio Test Explorer
  • (like
  • Security: Using Github secrets and environments (you could use Azure KeyVault)

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About the speakers

About the speakers

Matt Goldman

Matt is a Software Architect, Scrum Master, public speaker, writer and trainer.

Since joining SSW Matt has worked on a number of projects for a range of clients, including government agencies and multinational organisations. Matt loves making things, and at SSW uses that passion to fuel his work with .NET, EF / EF Core, Xamarin (and soon MAUI), Azure and Blazor.

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