DDD Brisbane 2017 is a conference ran by developers for developers and SSW TV was on hand to catch some of the action!

Speaker: R Pearson @robpearson

People are bombarded with new apps and services in modern life. If someone tries an app but doesn’t quickly understand its value, they won’t be back. This translates to lost attention, lower sales and increased support tickets. It’s hard enough to get people to try new things so we can’t let the opportunity slip by.

The good news is that there are things we can do to help our users fall into the pit of success so they grok the value of the products we build. In this talk, Rob Pearson, software engineer at Octopus Deploy and part-time indie, will discuss how you can build and improve the user onboarding experience for your apps and services. Based on lessons learned building user onboarding experiences for Octopus and his own projects, he’ll describe how to figure out the ‘aha moment’ for your apps, how to ‘sell the dream’ to motivate your users to get started and finally how to keep them motivated to finish the path to success.

The goal of this talk is to help developers understand user onboarding and how it can be applied to the apps they’re building right now!

About the speakers

Mr Apps

Rob is a Senior Software Engineer at Octopus Deploy. He has bee programming for over 10 years and enjoys it more and more everyday. He has worked in a variety of industries including transportation, energy and finance. Over the years, he's learned that he's motivated by product development and working with customers. He loves to build great products that help people! On the side, he loves to play with Apple products and technologies. He's shipped a transit app for the Brisbane area and loves the different technical and design challenges that mobile products bring.



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