Entity Framework Core (previously known as EF7) has been self-described as “Microsoft’s recommended data access technology for new applications in .NET”

EF Core is effectively a complete rewrite of Entity Framework designed to work in more places and with more persistence stores so you can use non-SQL data sources.

This talk covers:

  • What has changed and what remains the same compared to EF6
  • EF Migrations: from powershell to the new dnx commands
  • Configuration and Initialisation using Dependency Injection.
  • DbContext lifecycle management
  • How to hack / override EF behaviour.
  • Is it ready for Production use? My suggestions for the team

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About the speakers

About the speakers

Mr Entity Framework

Brendan Richards is an SSW Solution Architect based in Brisbane. He has worked with many different ORMs across many languages and is currently a core developer on SSW Data Onion – a library that generates a persistence-ignorant repository-pattern data layer. He also contributes to the SSW enterprise music store on GitHub

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