Navigating the ever-changing nature of software development can be tricky, particularly for new developers.

00:00 | Intro
00:48 | I’m Piers Sinclair
01:52 | Starting a career is daunting
04:20 | Developer stories
05:47 | My Developer Story
10:41 | Making a Plan
12:38 | Direction – Where to go
18:12 | Goal – What to aim for
22:44 | Method – How to get there
43:15 | Plan Template
48:46 | Q and A

There are many different technologies and programming languages to choose from and a vast amount of information to sift through. Just look at all the platforms, websites, mobile apps, games, and everything in between; it’s easy to see why newcomers will find it hard to choose. So, where do you begin?

Understanding the nuances of your career options is critical for making an informed decision. Piers Sinclair has been in the development industry for almost a decade, and often mentors developers just starting out or at a crossroads in their career. In this talk, Piers aims to un-boggle your mind! Piers will take an in-depth look at the different disciplines in the industry, how to approach the roles you want, and the green and red flags to watch out for.

He will also recommend skills and tools you can focus on to develop your career. Finally, he will build a roadmap to help you launch your career into space while avoiding space junk! 🌠

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Piers Sinclair –…
SSW Solution Architect

Piers has more than 7 years experience in databases and software development. He is especially proficient in Scrum, .Net, Azure, SQL, DevOps and GitHub.


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About the speakers

About the speakers

Piers Sinclair

Piers has been involved in many industries including Retail, Logistics and Job Management. When it comes to developing software, Piers has a passion for efficient development processes, designing quality solutions and building robust software architecture. He is very interested in understanding the way systems work and coming up with innovative solutions to complex problems. He speaks Chinese and has a keen interest in China. In particular, he is passionate about the successful management of Chinese IT teams and is one part of the bridge that connects SSW Australia and SSW China.

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