Looking to build cross-platform mobile or desktop apps? .NET developer Matt Goldman has got you covered. In this video, he demonstrates just how easy it is to build an app using dot .NET Maui’s cross-platform APIs. Follow along as he walks you through the code and shows you how to create a location request and share it across different devices.

And if you’re interested in learning more about building cross-platform apps with .NET Maui, be sure to check out Matt’s book, “.NET Maui in Action”, which is currently available at a 45% discount. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get started with .NET MAUI and build your own cross-platform apps today!

0:00 – Introduction

0:30 – Example of cross-platform code in action

1:00 – Explanation of how .NET Maui makes it easy

1:30 – Information about sample from book .NET Maui in Action

2:00 – Discount offer for book

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About the speakers

About the speakers

Since joining SSW, Matt has worked on a number of projects for a range of clients, including government agencies and multinational organisations. Matt loves making things, and at SSW uses that passion to fuel his work with .NET, EF / EF Core, Xamarin and .NET MAUI, Azure and Blazor. Matt also works with security and authentication/authorisation. Additionally, Matt (author of .NET MAUI in Action) regularly presents at the .NET User Group in 3 states, has hosted SSW's Xamarin Hack Day, has presented at the .NET Superpowers Tour, and regular co-hosts SSW's Clean Architecture Superpowers and Clean Architecture Workshop. Matt has also presented at NDC Sydney.

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